Beauty of style, harmony, grace and
good rhythm depend on simplicity.

Yael Rosen founded Kisim in 1999. Each Kisim model is firmly located on the conceptual axis ranging between neat, clear-cut, elegant design and traditional leather craftsmanship. The result is a range of innovative models, communicating contemporary femininity and a unique aesthetic statement; both flowing and fitted - a distinctive outline that has become the calling card of Kisim.

The extraordinary attention to detail is the kernel of the Kisim allure. People get as excited about a casual tote as they do about the most dramatic leather handbag. Each creation transcends mere glamour and becomes a statement in quality and artistry.

The inspiration for the first bag in the now extensive Kisim range was a Furoshiki bag, purchased in a temple in Tokyo. Furoshiki are traditional Japanese folded bags, from the time when packages were tied up in squares of cloth. They are a folded rectangle sewn to make a tote bag. Tie, carry on wrist, or make shoulder straps. Furoshiki, whose name literally means "cloth for the bath", came into wide use in Edo period (1603-1868) in public bathhouses for spreading on the floor while undressing and for wrapping bathing articles. It later came to be used to carry (or wrap) just about anything.

Kisim's refreshing range of handbags, totes and wallets is a culmination of an interdisciplinary effort that makes the Kisim brand a success in San-Francisco, Paris, Amsterdam, Tel-Aviv and Brussels. Each creation, a result of the artistic collaboration between Yael Rosen, in tune with the realm of Jewelry, Accessories & Objects, enhanced by the keen eye of Orly Cohen Alloro with her Industrial Designer’s command of form and function; the definition of the new, the unprecedented and the consolidation of the unique into an object.